Contrary to popular belief, every girl does not dream of a perfect wedding, and a fairy tale marriage with the promise of ‘happily ever after.’ Our dreams are as dynamic as we are, and they are super precious to us. But quite often, we compromise because mummy / daddy / teacher / boyfriend / whoever thinks we should. Well, that’s super silly, now isn’t it?

Haven’t you heard the saying, “We’re all made of dreams?”

We dream of spending sunny afternoons on the beach, and watching sunsets sitting on snow-covered mountains. We dream of winning awards, and mentoring people. We dream of friendships that never end, and heartbreaks that don’t last.

All reality and no dreams would make us oh-so-boring and dull.

Imagine no promotion to work hard for, no business to nurture like your little baby, no vacation to wait for impatiently, no saturday nights spent with your girlfriends, no one to love and to be loved by.

Who would you be?

What would you be?

And more importantly, why would you be?

We no longer live in Victorian times when a woman was subject to many restrictions. Today, you can be whoever you want and whatever you want. A scientist, a photographer, a writer, a dancer, a teacher, a businesswoman, or whatever else inspires you. You can be one or many of these things. An entrepreneur who paints, a professor who sings or an actor working on her thesis. Because why not? 

Do you really need any other reason to hold on tightly to your hopes and desires, and do all you can to nurture them?

Life for women is no longer about first being the perfect daughter, and then the perfect wife and bahu. We have moved far from living our lives for other people, filling roles that fulfil their needs. We recognise our needs and should not shy away from doing whatever it takes to make our wishes come true. And now we not only have support from other women, but also the men in our lives. 

Do whatever you may want to do, as long as you are unabashedly you. 

Be unstoppable. Be fearless. Be unafraid to go and get what your heart desires. 

Be good to your mind, your body, your soul. For that’s where your dreams find home. 

So girl, don’t let anything come in between you and what you wish for! Sleep uninterrupted, stay uninterrupted because Sofy Overnight has your back. #GirlUninterrupted.