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Have you ladies ever wondered if all push up bras are underwired bras? Also, how exactly is a seamless bra different from your regular bra? And if we women find navigating through the world of bras exhausting, imagine being a man trying to pick something out for someone! 

But don’t you worry lovely fellas, because we have come up with a guide to help you understand it all. So, let’s get started, shall we? 

1. Seamless Bras

Pair the seamless bra with t-shirts and shirts, this is the one for an everyday look! You don’t have to worry no more about revealing lines or seams that pop against your t-shirt.  

2. Underwire Bra

This is the one which uses a wire for support and this wire can either be made of metal, plastic or resin. Yup, that’s what some bras are made of!  

3. Non-wire Bra

To put it simply, bras which give the underwire effect without using a wire fall in this category. The non-wire bras work like magic!  

4. Lacy Bra

Yup, these lacy bras are the ones that have been making your jaws drop!  

5. Sports Bra

Every girls workout buddy, that’s what the sports bra is.  

6. Steel-free Bra

This is a type of non-wired bra from Wacoal’s Bragenic range, and it’s totally taking the game to the next level. 

That’s about enough to get you started. But there’s a lot more to explore in the mystical world of bras. And all you lovely ladies out there, do check out Wacoal’s AW’19 collection  Because gurl, there is no better way to be #TrulyYou than to feel comfortable and beautiful.