It’s wildly horrifying to know how little women mean to our patriarchal world each time. Reportedly, a woman in Gujarat died of a heart attack during her wedding rituals. But her family and society deemed it fit to carry on the celebrations with her younger sister. Cos what was the groom’s fault?

The bride was from Gujarat’s Bhavnagar area. She died during the wedding rituals at the venue in Subhashnagar, reported News18. She was immediately rushed to the nearby hospital after she fainted during the ceremony. The doctors declared her dead.

But even in the midst of the tragedy, her relatives had an idea for resuming the celebrations. They continued the wedding rituals with the bride’s younger sister while keeping her body in cold storage. Apparently, the family and members of the society did not want to send back the groom “empty-handed.”

Marriage is a transaction, and women are tradeable objects in our society. It’s unsettling how easily the life of another woman was traded because, somehow, the transaction is more important than the death of your own daughter. It’s a shame!