Ardor 29 - a bar and restaurant in Gurugram - recently launched 'female beer' and you have to listen to their legendary justification of it.

Let's start with the description, though. This is how they advertised the drink.

Source: News 18

'Beer cocktails that are perf for the pretty ladies'. 
'Perf for the pretty ladies.'
'Pretty ladies'.

Source: College Candy

Moving on, they say that the beer is 'sweet and super smooth and less stronger'. 

Just like our world likes its women.

Source: Tenor

Also, they promise that you will be drunk dialing your besties after having 3 bottles down. 

LOL, what a sad challenge! 

Source: The Odyssey Online

The beer will supposedly show a woman her 'tigress identity' and she will be able to 'sulk down any tiger'.

A pretty lady, 3 bottles down, after calling her besties and finding her inner tigress is definitely not going to 'sulk down'. I see myself knocking over trays in this scenario.

People on Twitter also had some opinions on this.

It gets better, wait. A woman posted a conversation of hers with the people at the bar and this is what they said.

They further elaborated that women getting drunk after 3 drinks is supposed to make men look at something beyond their looks.


'Female beer', what can I say? Gotta bear with the idea.