You must have heard or read stories of the times when a visit to the gynaecologist got wrong. While there are some professional gynaecologists who often treat their patients with utmost respect, many of them make their consultation a horrible experience. And they end up humiliating women for sharing their sexual histories with families. Especially, for the fact if they are sexually active.

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Now, can you imagine that how would a woman, who is experiencing symptoms of endometriosis, feel if the gynae that she is visiting to sexually-shames her? So much so that the gynae tells the patient’s mom that the vaginal canal of her daughter was “not like unmarried girls’ should be”. WTF right?

It recently happened with an unmarried woman from Chennai and this Twitter thread narrating her experience of the gynae visit is what deserves your attention. The thread posted by @le_tom_quack suggests that the experience was shared by the patient’s friend. Here’s the whole story:

1. The woman visits gynae regarding symptoms of endometriosis

2. The gynae realises that the patient might be sexually active

3. The gynae then tells patient’s mom about her vaginal canal and that she may have been “using fingers”

4. The woman asks gynae about its relevance to the endometriosis consultation

5. Before finally discussing the actual concern, the gynae belittles the patient and makes her admit about being sexually active

6. The gynae then suggests her to use tampons during periods

7. The gynae has positive feedback from patients online

8. “Why does an obgyn visit have to be traumatic at all?”

9. Why is it okay to discuss confidential information of the patient with family?

Here’s how netizens are reacting to this thread:

That’s horrible. I don’t even know what to say…Wish caregivers would respect patient confidentiality and realise that patients’ personal lives is none of their business. 


Many women in India keep facing such traumatic experiences while visiting gynaecologists. And it should stop. Sharing such personal information of reproductive health with stranger is anyway a difficult task, don’t make it harder and definitely no patient should go through such treatment. The consultation should be healthy.