That the world is built in a manner to make life easy for heterosexual men, is not news. But the extent of it can be surprising at times, and these examples compiled by TikTok user Allie are proof.

1. Car crash dummies that are built according to the male physique. 

2. Medicines that are only tested on men and hence are harmful to women.

3. Head rests in cars that aren’t designed for the way a lot of women wear their hair – in a pony or a bun.


4. Birth control: Harmful options made easy, and normalised for women exclusively.

5. The number of stalls for women is always less than the required number, hence the long queue. This is almost never the case with men’s washrooms.

6. Spacesuits: The first all-women spacewalk had to be cancelled because there weren’t enough spacesuits that would fit women.


7. Softwares like Siri are created in a way that they understand men’s voices better than women’s.

8. The temperature in office spaces is set according to men’s needs, it has been found to be harmful to women.

9. The diagnosis of autism is done according to male standards, which is why women end up getting the wrong treatment a lot of times.


10. Mobile phones are made to fit an average male hand.

11. Men are given bigger pockets because it assumed they more stuff like keys, and wallets to carry.

12. N95 masks are made to fit a man’s face. 

Which obviously isn’t good for women. Though, all people from Asian ethnicity are known to struggle with them.


These hit hard.