We all dream of choosing a career and establishing a name for ourselves after school. But Harwinder Kaur decided not to study further because she was mocked on mercilessly in school for her short height.

The bullying was so bad that she spent most of her teenage years in depression, missing classes and secluded from others. Today, she is India’s shortest advocate.


Harwinder Kaur was born a dwarf but she realised this when she was in class 3. Her height wasn’t growing like other kids of her age. She was taken to several doctors, took all the prescribed treatment, but nothing worked and that’s when her childhood dream of becoming an air hostess was shattered.

She was even scared of joining college. The 24-year-old, who is now a qualified advocate, talked to Indian Express about her feelings.

In school, several students used to make remarks about my height. I used to cry a lot. After completing school, I was scared to join college. There was a deep-rooted fear in my heart that people would again make fun of me and I will have to once again go through the pain I suffered in my school days.

Add to this, her parents’ concern and worries regarding her future. She didn’t want to be a burden on her family and gathered all courage to take admission into KCL Institute of Laws in Jalandhar.

Pursuing a degree in law was also not easy because of all the vile and distasteful comments and remarks.

I used to be taunted by people who said that law is not meant for me. How will I fight a case? How could I even stand before a judge?

She might be just 3 ft 11 inches tall but none less than others. She works in the Jalandhar sessions court as of now.

Is she free of ridicule now? No. Does she face any problems at work? Yes, people whisper and judge her but she handles it all confidently because she believes that this a field where people are known for their knowledge and not appearance.

I chose to study law and become a voice of the disabled. People with insecurities and inferiority complexes now look up to me and appreciate my confidence. We have one life and should live it to its fullest. The more positive we are, the more positive things happen. I would appeal all parents to support their children by all means. My parents did.

Her early life might have been one full of struggles, but she has established an identity of her own. She has around 275k followers on Instagram and as per her bio she is also a motivational speaker.

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