A major part of Northern India follows the practice of covering their face/head in a veil quite vigorously. Women who belong to the Muslim and Hindu communities are dictated by stoic religious laws and asked to wear a veil at all times. Men in many parts of the country believe it to be a sign of a woman’s modesty, and that it signifies showing respect to them, enforcing the regressive idea of men being superior. 

But has anyone asked what these women think or feel about it?

Manju Yadav, a school teacher, has started this initiative that is encouraging women to shun the veil for good. Her cause has many takers among women, a few men and is also backed by the District Commissioner of Faridabad, who believes that the ‘ghunghat‘ affects a woman’s self-respect. 

Watch the noble campaign take shape in this video by BBC India: 

We hope this progressive campaign catches on quickly.