We live in a man’s world; tough and rugged, where a woman is always protected like a frail flower. Mild like the fresh bloom of a tulip, she’s afraid to blossom too much, and if you ask me, she shouldn’t either. It’s time we accept that there are certain spheres of the world that are solely for men. From working late hours at office to acing the art of boxing, there are many things that women still cannot do. 

Set in such a reality, could you ever imagine a woman, travelling down the mountainous risky paths, and that too on a bike? We can’t either, and we’re pretty sure no one can. It’s pretty ridiculous to be honest. 

So for all the women who think they can make it by themselves on the treacherous mountains without a man’s help, here’s a list reminding you that mountains are just not the way to go for ladies, especially on a Royal Enfield.

Read up and note it down, ladies and gents!

You are obviously too frail to handle a motorbike.


The winding mountain roads are definitely not a woman’s cup of tea.


It definitely isn’t sanskaari for girls to be alone in the mountains anyway! *Tauba Tauba*

And after all, can women get along the way bros do?

Bullet riders just seem to be a rowdy lot, to be honest.

With all those menstrual cycles and cramps, are women tough enough for this?

Ladakh Motor Rides

Why would women even prefer to ride a bike? Aren’t they supposed to sit at the back, and ride pillion?


And isn’t a scooter more of a woman’s ride? Light, frail and pretty.


Royal Enfield and women? You got to be kidding, right?


Can you even imagine women taking their love for Royal Enfield to new heights? In the mountains? Travelling? Just women?


And if we still haven’t made ourselves clear along with photographic evidence, there is nothing in this world that women can’t do!

Gaining an equal stake in the world, from riding a Royal Enfield to traveling alone, women have been proving that they have the spirit to do it all!

If this makes you crave for your next adventure, we have some good news for you. An adventurous ride from July 9 to 23 called the Himalayan Odyssey, which has 2500 kilometres of winding Himalayan roads mapped out for you and your Royal Enfield, awaits from July 9-23.

Oh, and did we mention, it’s just for women? :wink: