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Why do you treat me any different? Why do I need to get validation for every choice I make? Why does the entire world go bonkers if I don’t agree with what you say? Just because I am a woman?

Bhakti Sharma questioned all these and many more whys. Probably that’s why she holds the record for being the youngest female swimmer to have conquered 5 oceans and 7 seas of the world. Her journey of acing the art and making it big amidst the naysayers who constantly belittled her for being a woman is impeccable. And the struggle is not just limited to her. Her mother who is also her coach had to go through the same. But they did not lose determination. They questioned every stereotype that society threw at them and made an indelible mark for themselves. Watch her inspiring story here and never shy away from asking ‘why’.

Hero Pleasure salutes the spirit of such women who break free from the shackles of the society and shine. It celebrates such women who have broken gender norms and questioned stereotypes.  And on its 10th anniversary, Hero Pleasure brings forward this inspiring tale of Bhakti Sharma which every woman who wants to achieve her dreams should see.