We’re one week past 2023, and nothing much has changed unsurprisingly. Life’s still the natural tornado it was. And being a woman only makes things 2X more challenging cos — let’s be honest — we live in a world dominated by entitled men reeking of ‘bish, I know it all’ energy.

While responding to these why-oh-why creatures and grabbing little wholesome happy moments of daily life, here’s what women can do to make life in 2023 easy. If not easy then surely a little less cluttered.

1. Get more of that best feeling in the world. Go bra-less!

women; how to make life easy 2023

Or not. Whatever is comfortable for you. It’s literally your choice. But let me tell you that not wearing a bra does not really contribute to breast sagging. It’s a myth!

PS – And saggy boobs are beautiful!

2. Let ‘Alpha Males’ in your life know they also reek of small dick energy.

andrew tate / male small dick energy

Seeing their scandalized faces will give you so much happiness.

3. It’s NOT ‘just a joke!’ Call out sexism. Whenever you see it, wherever you see it.

sexist jokes on women

All those women-driving jokes? Naah! Unfunny AF. Calling out the out-of-the-blue jokes from everyday settings, suffocating of sexist connotations does not qualify you as a humourless person. Rather it exposes the hypocrisy of men and women who claim to be feminists but won’t shy away from ROFLing hard at deliberate derogatory digs at women.

4. Take period leaves. IT’S OKAY!

period leaves

You can’t over-exert yourself and expect productivity during your periods when/if your body is overwhelmed with throbbing pain that makes carrying on further seem next to impossible. Period cramps work differently for every woman. But if your body feels like it’s gonna explode any moment, drop that mail. We shouldn’t have to feel embarrassed about how our body works.

5. Next time that man tries to talk over you, let him speak. Then begin talking, “wow thank you for that average unsolicited interruption, moving on…”and make your point.

stop mansplaining a woman;
The Ithacan

Or talk louder. Or let him know you’re talking. Or walk out of the conversation. Or define mansplaining to them. Basically, call them out, so they don’t dare to do it again.

6. Bid Adieu to relationships where you constantly have to prove yourself to the other person. Exhausting AF.


Despite trying your best, if your efforts go unnoticed and you keep hearing stuff like, “Why didn’t you come to the party?” “You don’t care.” “You didn’t put up a story.” “You’ve changed,” etc., etc… sis you’re literally staring at a RED FLAG.

7. Be an ass to people who don’t deserve your kindness.

The good girl syndrome women
Medium – Soniya Khatri

So many of us go/have gone through what they call ‘good girl syndrome.’ Society has ladened the baggage to be ‘good girls’ upon women, suppressing them from asserting their desires, individuality, and freedom. And often, our instinctive ‘good’ energy also gets exploited by people who get away with whatever they want. While it’s not easy to get out of that loop, it’s definitely worth taking the first step towards self-assertion this year. We don’t need to be kind to people who don’t deserve our kindness.

8. Just hold an intervention for that friend who really needs to break-up.


Sometimes our BFFs can drain all our energy. We all have that one best friend whom we love to death, but she won’t stop ranting about toxic things her boyfriend did. Even when you’ve suggested she should break-up on multiple occasions. If you’ve reached your saturation point, just let her know you’ve had enough, HOLD AN INTERVENTION.

9. I am sorry, but it’s high time we appreciate the value of sticky notes and use more of them this year.

how women can make life easy in 2023

Greatest. Asset. Of. All. Time.

10. Get rid of clothes you know you’re never going to wear. YOU KNOW IT.

clothes women wardrobe

Before you hoard more clothes this year, let’s finally sort out that overstacked wardrobe of clothes you’re irrationally attached to. If they can be donated, just go for it. Let them serve their true purpose; it’ll also make you truly happy.

11. Draw crystal clear boundaries with friends, relatives, colleagues, etc. If they’ve forgotten, remind them.

women personal boundaries

We don’t have to entertain people trespassing on our personal boundaries every now and then.

12. Me time >>> Other times

woman self-love

We need to be at our best before we let the troubles of our acquaintances perturb our sanity. So maybe, just maybe, let prioritising ourselves be our goal for 2023.

So, how are you making your life better in 2023?