Thanks to society’s invasive opinion of mothers, it becomes very tough for them to discuss issues like postpartum depression. 

Mothers are expected to be there for their child, no matter what happens, even if they are constantly on the verge of a breakdown – anything else is considered unacceptable.

Sameera Reddy is here to break that notion. Speaking about her pregnancy issues to Humans of Bombay, she said:

When I got pregnant with Hans, my son, I thought that I’d be one of those page 3 moms posing away for the shutterbugs with a perfect bump…But 9 months later, I weighed 105 kgs. And even as I held my gorgeous son, I didn’t feel happy; I slipped into postpartum depression.

She further talked about how depression, the scrutiny of people, took a toll on her, and even though her husband was totally supportive, she found it tough to get back out there. She felt guilty and sad.

Akshai, my husband did it all–from changing the diapers to feeding the baby. And all I could think was how other actresses could bounce back in just a month!

Around this time, she was also diagnosed with alopecia areata, and that is when she decided to seek help. Sameera found out that she had unresolved issues from childhood and her days in the industry.

We addressed it all, being an overweight child, the pressure of growing up with 2 talented sisters & an industry which constantly scrutinises you. By the end, I felt like a new person.

With newfound confidence, Sameera decided to get back to social media, and during her second pregnancy, showed things the way they were.

In 2018, when I was pregnant with Nyra, I told myself, “I’m going to do this my way”. I was 40, scared and bloated but I was determined to do everything that I’d missed out on before. I spoke about mood swings, and when I was 8 months pregnant, I did an underwater bikini shoot. That’s when women said to me, “You inspire me”.

Today, most of Sameera’s followers are women who look up to her and Sameera thinks that’s quite amazing. You can read her account here: