“I’m sorry, I was drunk when it happened.”

“I don’t even remember something like that happening. But if it did, I’m sorry. I was too high.”


When a case of sexual harassment is slammed against a person, the only reprieve they see is to apologize for their alleged actions. 

But often, this apology comes with convenient phrases like ‘I was drunk‘, ‘I was so out of it, I didn’t know what was happening’ and the likes. 

And that, my friend, tosses away your apology out of the park. 


Highlighting this advantageous way out that most perpetrators take, a woman took a dig at it with a rather sarcastic tweet that won the internet.  

By using stabbing as a metaphor, Kate Harding, co-editor of Nasty Women, put forth a very important point.

A lot of people joined the bandwagon and took the sarcasm to a whole new level. 

Not just that, a lot of people also took a dig at class victim blaming that happens when a woman is molested. 

Apologizing for being drunk is acceptable. Apologising for doing stupid things while being drunk is also acceptable. But apologizing for being drunk and molesting someone is NOT acceptable. 

Stop using being drunk as an excuse for sexually harassing someone. It’s not.