In yet another episode of how society shackles a woman’s success to her looks, we have Iga Swiatek, a French Open champ who was asked an inapt question after her victory. 

India Today

Swiatek won in two sets over Coco Gauff, ending Serena Williams’ longest WTA winning streak. Regrettably, she had no idea that the string of plaudits would be followed by a question of bad taste.

During Swiatek’s post-match press conference, a journalist decided to pose a question that reeks of casual sexism. The question was:

“One technical question and one which is not,” the reporter said. “The technical is: What is your best shot? Someone says it’s the forehand; someone says it’s the return down-the-line backhand. What do you think? This is the first question.”

Cool enough, contextual, and relevant. I wish I could utter the same words for what comes next. 

“The second question is: Outside of the court when you go to a party, do you use make-up? Do you like to go elegant and smart and so on?”

Seriously? Was a French Open champ really asked about her make-up routine? AND, the reporter didn’t stop there. 

“Because many players we have seen in the past, they were staying hours in front of the mirror before going on court and using the make-up and you seem very natural like this,” the reporter added.  


Swiatek had been taken off guard, yet her response was more logical than the question. 

“Okay. Thank you. Well, I’m wearing a hat, so I don’t have to worry about my hair. That’s the most positive thing. I don’t wear makeup, because I don’t feel like I kind of have to, and also, I don’t think that will change something. Also, it’s going to come off when I use a towel.”

Iga further said that the question was “hard to answer” since it was not a part of her PR brief. 

This conversation between Iga and the reporter went viral online. Several tennis fans stated that asking such a question was not only disrespectful but downright sexist.

There is a slew of reasonable questions that may be posed to the winner. Swiatek deserved to be treated better. Honestly, when will women break free of ‘makeup’ questions?

Stop. Belittling. Women’s. Achievements.