While trying to conform to the beauty standards set by society, we have somewhere forgotten to love ourselves. We constantly try to mould ourselves so that we could conform to impractical and stereotypical notions of what is beautiful.

This video by Homegrown titled, In My Skin, is a much-needed reminder that we are beautiful simply by virtue of being in our skin

It features 5 women, each one of them of different body shapes and sizes, shattering societal stereotypes defining a perfect body.

The women start by sharing what body image issues they’ve had.

From being labelled as plus-size models to being called too skinny for losing weight, these women shared how society always finds faults in our bodies.

One of them went on to share how she worked on her weight, reduced it from 109 kg to 66 kg and got healthier. Because that’s what is important – being healthy.

This film is a reminder that finally it’s all about being kind to ourselves. So let’s start by appreciating how we look ‘in our skin’.

The film features the stories of Supriya Joshi, Diva Garg, Dionne Claudette, Gouri Bhuyan, Malika Singh, and Namrata Sheth.

You can watch the entire video here.