Do you guys know what incels are? Involuntary celibates. People who want to have sex but nobody wants to have sex with them and so they are pissed at the world. Remind you of that friend you know? 


But how do you recognise an incel in a crowd? Well, there are some guidelines, but it can be better explained once you take a look at these examples. What we have here are pick up lines by cishet men on the internet, that prove without a shadow of a doubt their incel status. If you still use ‘bobs and vagene’, it is advised you do not scroll down. I don’t want to take responsibility for any ideas you might get. 

Look, the first step to not being an incel is to stop watching Jordan Peterson videos. The second step is to stop defending Elon Musk, the third is to stop making Amber Heard memes. If you do any or all of these things, no woman is ever going near you; that is until their parents make them. Oh, and stop being creepy, man!