For all the women in the world, there is another news that has come into the light.   

A recent report titled ‘Progress of the World’s Women 2019-2020’ which was released by UN Women has revealed that about 4.5% of Indian households are run by single mothers. 

Times of India

This report was basically to analyze how different family modules are having an impact on women and their choices. In this study, it was revealed that 46.7% families are couples living with their children, 31% have been living in an extended family and about 12.5% families have been run by a single parent.  

At over 13 million households run by a single woman, this report aims that for the achievement of sustainable development goals (SDGs), there should not be a sort of inequality and discrimination against women in developed and developing countries.      

It was indicated that motherhood and marriage has a major impact on women’s participation at work. 

An Indian data of 2012 reported that 29.1% of all women aged 25-54 years are in the labour force, compared to 97.8% for men of the same age. 
Times of India

Overall the report suggested that globally eight out of ten lone parents households are run by women itself i.e. (84.3%). And the data that was procured from 89 countries constituted that 101.3 million households are run by single mothers all over the world. A lot of other single mothers are living with an extended family. 

Guess it is not a man’s world after all.