Every household has its own sworn by and passed on skincare secrets that need to be revealed and shared with the world. All those good family recipes that preserve our natural beauty have been brought to light by these homegrown brands in the most purest form. Add these to your next haul for some nourishing and gentle pampering to your skin. 

1. Jhelum Loves 

Jhelum is a stream of alternative healing where flower essences are used to heal emotions and, in turn, address other physical manifestations and strengthen the idea of simple skincare.

b’Source: Jhelum Loves’

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2. Gulnare Skincare 

Gulnare is inspired by the beauty rituals that are chemical-free and 100 percent natural and provide a safe and quick remedy to most of the skin problems. 

b’Source: Vogue’

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3. Wikka

Wikka is a brand whose products are crafted in the foothills of the Himalayas and are customized based on a person’s skincare needs.

b’Source: Wikka’

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4. Ayca

Ayca incorporates the purest natural ingredients and extracted oils to preserve their ancient crafts and offer a holistic approach to refresh, replenish and revitalize.

b’Source: Ayca’

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5. Gia

Gia Bath And Body creates a luxurious handcrafted experience using the purest extracts of olive and coconut oil for that ultimate skin romance.  

b’Source: Gia’

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6. Just Herbs

The brand has a tailor-made range to suit each skin type and help attain the perfect balance of what your mind, body, and soul need with the changing seasons. 

b’Source: Just Herbs’

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7. Skin Yoga

Skin Yoga is a brand you and your family can use forever as the brand emphasis on sourcing natural ingredients to give you a skincare experience in its true essence.

b’Source: Skin Yoga’

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8. Splurge

Splurge provides handcrafted luxuries responsible for holistic solutions to your skin that are natural, safe and made with the highest ethical standards.

b’Source: Splurge’

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9. Iraya 

Iraya is an Ayurveda born brand that is known to blend the finest ingredients that rejuvenate one’s inner beauty. Their products’ ranges include bath and shower,  spa-at-home products, fresh natural cosmetics, cosmeceutical and wellness products.

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