Wait…wait! I have a trigger warning for you. Misogyny, racism, and a lot of red flags coming up. My Wednesday morning was just going fine until I witnessed something I wish I never had to. And now I can’t unsee that ‘coz it’s damn ridiculous to say the least.

So, here’s what it is. A Twitter user @timbitch_ slammed one TikToker, Avaneesh Kanala, who goes by the username @goatavaneesh_ and demanded his ban. Reason? His ultra-misogynistic sh*tposting for women.

And of course, total bakwas dating ‘advice’ for women. For example:

Females some advice to yall is not stress abt ur grades, school, or work if u want a man…any boy takin a chick with just a cute face and nice waist over just good grades lmao trust me (sic).


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The Twitter user attached a few screenshots of Kanala’s trashy content in his post. (I’m sure you will thank me for that trigger warning after reading the last one). Check what kinda views this Tik-Toker promote on his account:

Twitter is obviously bashing the TikToker:

“How can you talk bad on my name when you used to moan it?” Breh, you look like the poster child for women having fake orgasms just to get you TF off (sic).


In case you aren’t triggered with his views yet, read these screenshots (some of them promote racism):

These ones too:


THE LAST SCREENSHOT THE WAY I LOST MY SHIT NAUR CAUSE I WAS CACKLING is he looking at himself and then he has the balls to tell me i used to what?? moan his name?? naur im crying where do these people even get the self confidence to say shit like this when they look like a (sic). 


Some of the Twitter users also got pissed at him for calling women as “females”.

if a guy uses the word “females” i already know he’s going to say the most misogynistic thing afterwards (sic). 


Idk when i started to pick this up but i realise a lot of people address men as “men” but when they address women as a whole, they use “females” instead? I wonder if there’s any pattern or explanation to this. Im very curious to learn abt language usage to this specifically (sic). 


Imagine if these screenshots can trigger you this much, what would his videos do to your brains? It might explode. Anyway, this sh*t content is surely raising questions on how he was brought up in his family. Dude, stop it!