When life decides to put you in a corner and stack up all the odds against you, you can either fight your way out or give up. When most of us talk about motivational stories, we often refer to the guys who ended up getting rich. Humans of New York recently made a post about an Indian woman who had to battle against the patriarchal Indian mindset after her husband went into coma. At the Met Gala, Brandon Stanton met this Indian woman who proves that if you work hard and take control of your life, success will definitely come your way.

        I’d never worked before, except for a part-time job in the bookshop at the Met. I was a very quiet person. And suddenly I had to make all of the decisions. I had to get a full time job. It was empowering. I learned that I could be fearless, I could be angry, and I could fight. These were three things that I’d never had to do before. I was thinking recently, that if my husband had lived, he might not have liked who I’ve become.

The last line of what she said can be considered a huge problem that plagues the modern Indian society. The patriarchal mindset of the general public might have been a reason behind her thinking that her husband wouldn’t have liked how she has become a strong independent woman now. But there is an equal possibility of her husband loving her even more. Was her pre-existing notion about Indian men not liking strong women one of the major reasons why she said this? 

Her story about a woman who overcame all her problems to become successful in life is truly inspiring. We wish her all the best for her future endeavours.