In today’s episode of how wonderful history is, we bring to you the first couple selfie in India.

Maharaja Bir Chandra, an enthusiastic photographer, was the pioneer of arts and photography during his time.  He was the first king of India to organize an annual photographic exhibition in his palace, Tripura. 


Maharani Khuman Chanu Manmohini Devi was also an amateur photographer. Together the couple laid the foundation of Tripura’s historical bond with arts. 

Maharaja Bir Chandra, the architect of modern Agartala also passed his passion to his better half and other family members. 

The first couple’s selfie is from 1880, at Agartala’s royal palace in Tripura. This intimate selfie was taken using a long wire shutter control.


If you see the picture closely, the Maharaj is holding a black lever attached to a triggering device that takes the photo using a long wire shutter control.

Maharani Manmohini is credited with being one of India’s first women photographers. Together they organized photography exhibitions in the palace where both of their photographs were exhibited. 


The detailed facts of the palace are known because of photo enthusiast and archivist, the late Siddhartha (Amitabha) Ghosh, and the scholars. 

Maharaja Bir Chandra also painted this photograph.