She has fought societal norms, family pressures and occasional snarls, to make her way as the first woman bartender stirring spirited concoctions for Indians. And she did so, more than three decades ago, where even the choice to drink alcohol was looked down upon by people especially if you were a woman. To survive and thrive in an otherwise male dominated profession could not have been easy. The struggles were all too real, for Shatbhi Basu, but this high-spirited trail blazer is not the defeatist kind. 


With now a book, a television show and a professional bartending academy to her credit, Shatbhi Basu, has managed to not just break the barriers but has carved a niche and paved way for other women, to follow their dreams. 

Get to know her better, through excerpts from her interview with Mansi Kohli, for the Pursuitist.

On her unusual career choice:

On her ‘rocky’ start:


On her first concoction: 


On breaking barriers:


On myths about the job:


Her recipe for success:


For women all over the world, who want to pursue their dreams, she is an inspiration. Cheers to her spirit and passion!

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