Amidst the many protests that are being held against the Citizenship Amendment Act across the nation, Bengaluru held a women-led ‘Burqa and Bindi Protest’ at Town Hall yesterday. 

The protests marking the birth of Savitri Bai Phule saw many men and women wearing a ‘Bindi and Burqa’ together to vigil against CAA, NRC and NPR. 

Among the many people who attended this protest, ‘Iron Lady of Manipur’ and Civil Rights Activist, Irom Sharmila was also present.   

She made some remarkable comments during her speech and called India the nation of nations. She added, 

Many citizens have suddenly started to feel neglected. The government has failed to understand the sentiments of people. Earlier, there were efforts to impose Hindi and now they have come up with NRC. 

Netizens appreciated her act of bravery. 

Irom also brought her twins to the protests and urged the protesters to continue with persistence and patience until the central government withdraws the controversial Act.