In association with Gillette Venus

I was two weeks behind on my monthly waxing-to-meet-beauty-standards-ritual when the lockdown began. Oh, the horror! 

Now while this horror gripped me, it’s hella important to say that I believe in choices, like me, several ladies feel the need to get rid of body hair whereas many don’t, it’s a choice and no one can take that away from us!  Anyway, thus began the DIYs and the home ‘remedies’ that were frantically googled and followed to a tee. With several mishaps along the way, some fear-inducing, and some outright hilarious, hair removal and the stories that it brings are endless. That’s why we asked 4 ladies about their hair removal stories attempted at home. 

There’s no doubt that hair removal and us ladies have a long way to go. But while we’re stuck together, pun intended, the new Gillette Venus Breeze is ultimately a winner in the entire hair removal process and promises maximum safety and ease.

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