When you turn a certain age (read : in your twenties), things like casual relationships, flirting and just seeing multiple people at once just loses its charm. 

You see all your friends in long term relationships and even find yourself going to some of their weddings. But you know when all of these things hit your single heart the most? During the peak of winters AKA cuffing season. 

So, for all those ‘millennials’ who are not quite aware of this super urban lingo, it is the season when the desire or desperation to be in a relationship is the most. 

You know like a proper relationship. When you can hold hands, go on nice coffee dates, Netflix and chill and obviously can have unlimited sex without thinking twice about your appearance.   

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But as much as the idea of sex and sexual activities excites all those singles longing for a relationship, it’s not something that is my number one priority. In fact, it is not something that I crave at all at the peak of this season.   

You might think I’m weird, right? Like who doesn’t want sex? 

You know what I crave this cuffing season? Cuddling. The pure, uninterrupted, non-sexual activity of cuddling.  


Sure, a sexual act of making out or having sex is great. In fact, the act burns calories and is really beneficial health-wise. But you know what all of this doesn’t give? A sense of emotional security, which by the way cuddling provides.   

It not only provides that but also brings out the real you in front of your partner. It makes you put your guard down and makes you say things that you never would’ve thought of telling another living soul otherwise.  

I mean, when you watch all those romantic-comedies and you see the couple finally getting together, holding hands and walk off in the sunset what do you crave? 

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To have someone like that, isn’t it? To have someone wrapped inside a blanket, watch that movie with and just feel a sense of happiness that you have someone you would walk towards the sunset with, right? 

Corny, I know!   

But cuddling with someone just gives you that feeling. The feeling of love, the feeling of content. Honestly, the feeling of drinking hot chocolate on a cold wintry day. 

Basically, this feel-good feeling is also because you’re releasing a ton of Oxytocin AKA the ‘cuddle hormone‘. It makes you bond with your partner and basically just makes you want them more. Isn’t that something everyone craves for?   

I mean, sex needs a lot of work. But holding someone’s hand and just hugging someone to sleep is pretty much the best part about winters. It is just the perfect non-sexual way of saying that you care. 

So yeah, sex and all is great. But, my rom-com loving soul will have no regrets watching The Notebook the 100th time and would want to cuddle while doing so this entire season.