Disclaimer: The following article contains highly offensive and sexist tweets. Please read at your own discretion. 

It’s one thing to disagree with someone’s opinion. But sadly, what most women speaking about the farmers’ protest have been subjected to online, is not disagreement but rather, absolute disrespect. 

DNA India

Women’s opinions are discarded, their intelligence is mocked, and ultimately, trolls (to call them people is a disservice to humanity), emboldened behind the veil of anonymity, reduce their entire worth to their bodies.

Because how dare a woman rise above her ‘place’ in a toxic, patriarchal society, right? And that’s exactly what these comments indicate: 

Comments that sexualize women, either directly or indirectly:

Comments that reduce a woman’s worth to her clothing:

And being casually hypocritical in the process. 

Comments that celebrate domestic violence:

Of course, most of these women are not ones to take the trolling lying down. 

But the bigger question remains, is this really the kind of response that women who have a voice should be subjected to? Why is it, that even in 2021, a false sense of modesty is a prerequisite for any woman expressing an opinion?

Women, unfortunately, are no stranger to being trolled online. But as these comments show, people stooped to whole new depths recently, simply because they disagreed with a woman’s opinion. And that’s truly disturbing and disheartening.