JK Rowling is not one to mince words. And when it comes to internet trolls, she makes sure her opinion is heard loud and clear. The celebrated author doesn’t mind calling out people for their foolishness, even if that means losing a few followers in the process.

b’Source: Techinsider’

Recently, she unfollowed a certain ‘cool guy’ on Twitter because he called UK’s Prime Minister, Theresa May, a ‘whore’ on social media. Now Rowling might be forgiving, but when it comes to misogynistic, sexist stuff, she gives it back and how!

One would think that unfollowing might just be enough but not for Rowling. She wasn’t going to just let things be so she schooled everyone who’s ever made a sexist remark in their life. 

Here’s what she said:

How about you bookmark this thread to go back to whenever you even think of spurring out some sexist, misogynist shit?