At a time when petrol and diesel prices are rising every day, literally every day, public transport just seems like a more affordable option. And it has been most people on the planet for quite some time. Some women even feel more comfortable, even safer travelling in buses and metros compared to getting a cab. 


And that was the case for this woman as well. Smitha T K, a journalist for The Quint, took to Twitter to share the ordeal she had to face while travelling in a bus. 

This 30 yr old man was staring and smiling weirdly the entire time. Even though the curtains were drawn I noticed his glance a couple of times. At 3 am he grabbed the legs & even after I looked, he didn’t flinch. He just stared back with a creepy smile, like he was coming for more… I shouted at him asking why he thought it was okay to touch another woman & not even feel any remorse or regret. The bus had just 10 other men travelling in it & 2 of them asked what happened. But that’s it. He continues to lie down in the berth next to me while I nervously type this!

As if this wasn’t scary and infuriating enough, she was also told to let it go. 

And for anyone saying she should have shouted and/or made a bigger scene, she did. But the apathy she received was unsurprisingly disgusting. 

For everyone saying – shout, create a scene, drag him out. I did shout, I spoke sense, I informed everyone on the bus. And this is all the reaction that I got. I dont want another woman feeling this way. But don’t think the 10 other men have any idea how it feels to sleep in fear. 

Of course, the conductor of the bus told her to not inform anyone about this incident. 

While there has been an outpour of support on Twitter, the fact remains that women have to face this kind of harassment and things far worse every day. And we let it happen. We outrage for a few days, then we go home. And the next time we see something like this happen in IRL, most of us decide that it’s none of our business!