We reported on 10th October about a Kolkata pervert who decided to send an explicit rape threat to a woman he barely knew, on Facebook. 

This is what he had written,

Warning: Explicit content.

Agniswar Chakraborty, we are happy to report has been arrested and criminal proceedings have been initiated. This is what the police tweeted,

People on social media are applauding Kolkata police’s swift action and are hoping it sets the right precedent that no one can get away with such a heinous act.

The incident understandably caused widespread outrage as soon as the vile rape threat was reported. Clearly, there is no place for such perverts and they must be brought to justice. 

After many people reported his profile, it was suspended. 

Pranaadhika Sinha Devburman, the founder of a Facebook page called ‘Shontu – United against Online Harassment’, said she got to know about the threat from a friend and she was helping the victim draft a FIR. In an earlier conversation with ScoopWhoop, she had said,

The guy is liable to jail time after the FIR is lodged. Among other charges, we are also going to charge him under POCSO (Protection of Children from Sexual Offences) Act because he threatened her 14-year old brother with rape and abuse. We will ensure everything that the guy doesn’t go scot free as he is not a one-time offender.

Their page is also urging people to sign an online petition against such mindless perverts who post rape threats online. The message is clear, rape threats will not and should not be tolerated.