It’s silly how off-track a human brain can go when it comes to understanding complicated things that can happen to one’s body. It’s sometimes shocking how easily we accept and start following titbits of information without cross-checking them. From spots on the skin to grey hair to premature wrinkles, we have vague explanations (often unreasonable) for everything. It’s time we start questioning the things that we read on the internet.

For starters, we have a list of a few beauty myths that you should stop believing in, with immediate effect.

1. Myth: Brownish-grey spots on the skin mean you have started ageing.

2. Myth: If a product causes a burning sensation that means it’s working.

3. Myth: A base tan will protect you from getting a sunburn.

4. Myth: Cutting your hair regularly will make them grow faster.

5. Myth: If you pluck out one grey hair, two will grow back.

6. Myth: Shaving every day causes hair to grow back thicker, darker and faster.

7. Myth: The more you brush your hair, the more luscious they become.

8. Myth: Toothpaste helps you get rid of zits.

9. Myth: We must use anti-aging creams only post 30.

10.Myth: Drinking water prevents skin from getting dehydrated.