Women and undersized pockets, the tragedy that would put Shakespeare to shame. Every person who owns clothes from the ladies’ section longs for the comfort that comes with pockets that can actually hold substantial things. 

For now, we’re just going to use these small, extremely tight and unnecessarily snug pockets for things that barely matter:

1. The respect society gives women who aren’t their ‘maa’ or ‘behen’.

2. The narrow mind of your judgemental landlord who says shit like, ‘we don’t give single girls rooms for this reason’. 

3. The sigh you exhale every time your parents say, “Yeh humare ghar ka beta hai.

4. The looks that your male colleagues throw your way when they think you’re not looking. 

5. The tiny sense Kangana Ranaut makes sometimes. 

6. Logic in K-dramas, because we all know that that stuff is too good to be true. 

7. The back-handed insults your relatives love to hand you at family dinners. 

8. The little fuck you give when someone asks you, “Beta shaadi kab kar rahe ho?

9. The self-esteem of men who call you a bitch as soon as you tell them you’re not interested. 

10. The time you spend thinking about the haters who think women can’t have it all. 

11. The representation mainstream media gives women in sports. 

12. The small shitty way in which society views your decisions about your vagina. 

13. The minuscule need you have to respond to ignorant pricks who say, “Not all men.”

14. The last straw of patience you hold on to when your 3rd Parle-G biscuit falls into the chai. 

15. The respect you have for people who pass off sexist comments as ‘locker room talk’. 

16. The seconds you spend thinking about every homophobic / transphobic creep in the world. 

17. The small AF mentality of every man who ever told you he wants to talk to the ‘person in-charge’ because it couldn’t possibly be a woman?

18. The time you actually spend thinking about your class 10th Board exam marks. 

19. The morality of those who victim-shame. 

20. The handful of times you actually used algebra in real life. 

21. The interest you have towards the stories / videos shared on WhatsApp family groups. 

22. How much attention you pay to someone who tries to mansplain your interests to you. 

23. The self control you have left when someone explains the government’s right over a woman’s body. 

24. The space in your life for people who think consent is optional. 

25. The opinions of those who ask you to ‘not be too loud & be a lady.’ 

All this fit but I still can’t manage to get a phone into my pocket.