When true love is celebrated, it gives us a reason to believe in romance, fairytales, and magical endings again – or at least, that’s what happened when the photos of an adorable couple’s wedding were posted on social media. 

LGBT wedding photographer Erica Camille recently posted photos of a ‘Same-Sex Indian Wedding’ she covered. 


Mekhala, from Maharashtra, India got married to Tatum from Texas, USA at the same spot they first met ten years ago, and on the same date as their tenth anniversary. 

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MEKHALA & TATUM #lgbtpride ❤️❤️ People say if you want to express your love then write it down, well writing is also something that brought this adorable couple together. They met in college while studying creative writing and when one of them graduated earlier it started a never ending long distance relationship for them, which brought sleepless nights and all night bus journeys which they used to take, just to see each other. It took them 10 years to overcome all the obstacles which included – the long distance, cancer, graduation, looking for jobs in the same country, family acceptance and finally moving in together. Their wedding took place at the exact place where they met and their writing professor officiated the wedding, there was also a Maharashtrian style wedding as Mekhala belonged to the same state. . If this is not true love, then i don’t know what is. Photography – @ericacamilleweddings . #maharashtrian_bride Use hashtag #maharashtrian_wedding . Royal maharashtrian Wedding 👰 @maharashtrian_wedding . #weddingoals . #maharashtrian_wedding #maharashtrainwedding #indianwedding #wedding #picoftheday #wakeupndm #lookamillion #weddinginspiration #indianbride #wedmegood #weddingbrides #weddingsutra #indian_wedding_inspiration #shaadisaga #bigfatindianwedding #maharashtra_desha #maharashtra_ig #insta_mh #streetsofmaharashtra #_soi #indianphotography #like4like

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In a blog post on her website, Erica described how the two first met, as students studying creative writing in college.   

We met as undergraduate creative writing majors at a women’s liberal arts college in the conservative heart of Virginia. While our backgrounds couldn’t have been more different, writing brought us together.
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Our first married Pride! #prideto

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However, at the end of their graduation, their relationship faced its first obstacle – long distance, as Mekhala moved to Canada. 

From then on, even though their struggles kept multiplying, the love that the two had for each other never diminished.  

We leapt straight from friendship to love, a very serious love that we nurtured by transcending a seemingly constant series of obstacles – the long-distance, cancer, graduate and law schools, hunts for jobs in the same country, finally moving in together, and evolving family acceptance.

And finally, after ten years, the two got married in a beautiful ceremony that was officiated by the professor in whose class the two first met.

People quickly fell in love with this modern-day fairytale and showered blessings on the couple.  

This is why we love, love! 

All images from Instagram account Maharashtrian Wedding, shot by Emilia Clarke, unless specified otherwise. Know more about their story here.