Lilly Singh AKA Superwoman is one of the top YouTubers right now. But more than that, she is one of the biggest influencers and an inspiration to a lot of young girls. 

You remember how she made a tutorial video on ‘How to make a sandwich‘ just to school misogynistic men who thought women belong in the kitchen? Well, she has gone and done it again.


And this time she’s shutting down trolls who deemed it necessary to call her names and comment on her photos. 

These are some of the comments she received:

And this is the badass response she had for the haters: 

“For most of my life, I didn’t expose much skin, not because I didn’t want to but because I felt guilty about it. I was taught that showing cleavage and legs is shameful and asking for judgment and trouble. As I grew up I teetered back and forth on this line between feeling sexy and feeling ashamed. Everyone had an opinion about what I wore on my body. “
“Then I entered the entertainment industry and admittedly during shoots I often found myself feeling super confident, so I showed a little skin. But then, people assumed that I’m selling my body and resorting to sex without a choice in the matter. That’s not the case. “
“All this to say, I’m now in a place where what I wear is simple. In fact, it only follows one rule: I wear what I feel comfortable wearing. Sometimes that’s a turtleneck and sometimes that’s a bikini. Either way, it doesn’t warrant your opinion, mistreatment or assumption. I think I look cute and if you disagree, feel free to dress differently. That’s the beauty of being different people 🙏🏽❤️ sending you all positive vibes x #TomboyWithAFigah”

And that’s how you get burned when you mess with the Superwoman!

Said it like a Bawse!