I was scrolling through LinkedIn and came across a post that intrigued me and caught my attention. A woman named Arielle Egozi made a post with a screenshot where her Work Experience included self-employed with Sex Work. 

Now, that’s an unusual thing to encounter on LinkedIn, but that wasn’t what made me write this article. She explained how doing sex work allowed her to leave an in-house job with fancy benefits, not just because she had enough money stashed up but also because it made her feel powerful and allowed her to see what her power can do when she owned it intentionally. 


She also talked about the emotional labour that comes with this job. Yes, ‘job’, because it is consensual paid work. And how she can charge exorbitant amounts for it. 

I set and hold boundaries, and engage only in ways that are safe, playful, and abundant for me. i don’t waste my time with anything less.

-Arielle Egozi

She asks a legit question, ‘how is this different than any other client work?’ When you think about it, it’s really not. It empowers her, it makes her financially stable to quit the things that are not making her happy and do the things she actually loves. And there’s nothing wrong in that. 

Every job deserves to be treated respectfully because, at the end of the day, it is a job. And some people at LinkedIn understand that. 

Here’s the proof of how even sex work gives you relevant skills that can be transferred to other industries, and how the stigma attached to it needs to break. 

But then again there are people who try to judge everything you do just because it doesn’t align with their moral and religious views. And some other bullshit views they might have like, ‘what does your partner think about your career choice? ‘Coz of course, how can a woman have bodily autonomy and do something a partner might not approve of?

There were other such comments where people were being absolute dicks and we refuse to advertise such behaviours, so not adding them here. What are your views on this? Comment down, because we’d love to hear them. 

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