According to National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), there have been 5,466 cases of human trafficking in India in 2014. About 80% of this number comprises women, 50% of which are children. However, sources say that the number is a lot higher as most cases go unreported. Many of these women and children either end up begging on the streets, or they find themselves being sold, raped and tortured in brothels. 

Guria, an organisation in Varanasi, has been tirelessly working to rescue women and children from the clutches of sex slavery and trafficking. Ajeet Singh, the founder of Guria, adopted three kids of a ‘naach’ girl when he was just 18. But this wasn’t enough. He soon realised that with girls as young as 10 year old being sold publicly in Varanasi, he needed to do something more solid. That’s when Guria was born. With much dedication, Ajeet and his wife, Manju Singh, have been able to rescue over 1500 girls in Northern India and seal shut 70 brothels in Uttar Pradesh. 

This video by BLUSH shows how Guria, all by itself, is changing the lives of women and children in Varanasi. Watch it here:

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