Living alone can be very liberating. No one to disturb you or invade your privacy. You have the place all to yourself and can use the loo whenever you want (while leaving the bathroom door open.) It is a definite must do in your life, at least once. 

These illustrations by Idalia Candelas, explains the perfectness of living all by yourself and make me want to rent an apartment for myself, soon. 

You can eat and drink to your heart’s content, all in bed! I think it’s a huge deal. 

Your bed, your rules.

You can have coffee or tea in peace, and ponder away with nobody to nag you. 

Be in your PJs or underwears all day! Who likes clothes anyway?

Just lounge all day, be lazy, with nothing to interrupt you, and your musings. 

Reading a book in whatever position you want, with absolutely no one to tell you which way is appropriate and socially accepted. 

Get out of the shower naked! Now that’s what I’m talking about.

Stare out the window, sit as you like, in whatever you like, and just enjoy the day as it passes by. 

Wake up when you please, or don’t wake up at all. 

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Ah! The sweet pleasures of living alone.