While scrolling through the vastness that is Twitter, I came across a video of an English-looking lady speaking Sylheti Bengali extremely fluently, and just like everyone else on the internet, I was in awe too.

Turns out, the lady in the video is Dr. Anna Livingstone, a retired GP in Limehouse East London, who learnt how to speak Sylheti back in the 80s so that she can communicate with her patients. Sylheti is often considered a Bengali dialect or an independent language.

Back then, there were no interpreters, and her patients didn’t understand English well enough, so she learned Sylheti Bengali. Pretty damn cool, isn’t it?

Internet is in love with the lady and her pure, selfless, kind heart. Some people also shared the pleasant encounters they’ve had with her.

We must know the name of such heroes and the selfless acts they have done. Salute to her.

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