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We are the woman of today…

…and we don’t shy away from proving the naysayers wrong. We are not afraid to follow our dreams no matter how unconventional they are. We do not slink back from speaking our mind.  Needless to say, we are acing in every field we put our minds to. 

Who said a woman can’t be a stand-up comedian or play cricket or even lead the country? It’s all in our minds, and the day we liberate ourselves from all these stereotypes, that’s when actual progress will happen. Because I don’t know about you, but I have seen enough examples which prove that self-confidence and hard work can take us anywhere irrespective of our gender. 

This video by Lotus Make-up beautifully captures all that we women are capable of. No matter at work, home or anywhere else we’ve always risen above the odds and exceeded expectations. I for one, wake up every day with the thought of conquering the world (metaphorically of course). So girls, what are you waiting for? Rise above the mediocrity, put on that mascara and your favourite lip colour so that you feel confident both inside and outside.

Catch the inspiring video here.

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