Admit it, we all have cracked under the pressure of the socially constructed idea of beauty, once if not more. But this viral video of a hairdresser consoling a 4-year-old toddler who called her own reflection ugly has shown the effect of beauty standards on younger generations. 

Four-year-old Ariyonna had gone for a regular haircut when she looked at a reflection of herself in the mirror and softly whispered under her breath, “I’m so ugly

Daily Mail

Luckily, the Atlanta-based hairdresser who goes by the name LilWaveDaddy was around to console this little girl. Dropping everything she was doing she started telling Ariyonna that she was beautiful. She further exclaimed: 

When you look at yourself, you’re supposed to say, I’m so pretty. You are so pretty, do you hear me? You’ve got the prettiest little dimples. You are too cute. 

After hearing this, the little 4-year-old broke into tears and started crying as if she was fighting something.  Letting all her emotions out, Ariyonna tightly hugged the hairdresser.  

Today Show

Looking Ariyonna’s heartbreaking reaction, the hairdresser got emotional and kept telling her that she’s gorgeous. 

You are so pretty. You have this beautiful chocolate-y skin … you are beautiful, black is beautiful, and if nobody ever tell you, I will tell you, you are gorgeous. 

From Michelle Obama to Viola Davis, netizens from all across the globe have joined hands to uplift this little 4-year-old girl’s morale: