From unconditional love to unflinching support- our mothers have been the backbone of our lives. But, sometimes we forget that there’s more to her than just being a ‘mom’. She’s her own person.

poem by Anamika Joshi on ‘Maa Tum Bhi Galat Ho Sakti Ho‘ talks about this sentiment and it strikes all the chords right.

The video uploaded by The Sahitya Project sweetly underscores how we sometimes knowingly or unknowingly put this pressure on our mom to be ‘perfect’.

Society has also held up this idea of a ‘perfect mother’ that entails certain sacrifice on their part. We pedestalise moms as gods that leaves little space for them to be their own person.

In a sincerest apology and a message for all the mothers, Anamika sums up the poem-

Nothing would give us more happiness than seeing our moms live their lives to the fullest, as they want to. To be human and not always HAVE to fit in this box of being the ‘perfect mother’.

Watch the entire video here.

Images are screenshots of the video.