When was the last time you took a look inside your bag? If you have not taken stock of the makeup essentials that you carry with you every day, this is the perfect time to do just that. Scroll down to find out the insights of our one-on-one conversation with makeup mogul Bobbi Brown at the India Make Up Show, curated by the Brothers Incorporated – founded by Rahul Tuljapurkar and Ninad Shah – and know what are the 5 essentials you should carry in your bag.  

1. Moisturiser 

It is the perfect base for your makeup. “Not only does it hydrate your skin, but it also protects its moisture barrier,” says Bobbi Brown. You should not skip moisturizing even if you have oily skin because it helps regulate oil production. Find a product that works for your skin type and use it religiously after cleansing and toning your face. We recommend to you – 

2. Concealer 

Concealer is one of the most essential items in your makeup stash. It is basic. “Whether you want to cover blemishes, redness, or dark under eye circles, your concealer works like a charm,” Bobbi says. Typically, it is best to apply concealer after your foundation because if you do it the other way round. We recommend you 

3. Blush 

“When blush is applied correctly, it can instantly lift up your face and give you that gorgeous, youthful glow”, informs Brown. It is best to choose a color that complements your skin tone. A color that is too bright for your skin tone look loud and very fake. Choose a shade that subtly adds color to your face and sculpts your cheeks. We recommend you 

4. Mascara 

A mascara, with its magical wand, can transform your eyes and instantly amp up those lashes with more volume, definition, and length. “It is the one makeup tool that will instantly make you look bright-eyed in the morning,” says Brown. When you are choosing a mascara, you need to consider factors like the brush shape and what the formula is designed to do. We recommend to you  

5. Lipstick 

A good lipstick shade can not only help brighten up your face but also prevent it from looking washed out. And when it comes to lip color, the choices are infinite. If you are entirely new to lipstick, we suggest starting off with less pigmented hues and gradually moving to bolder shades. We recommend to you