Ladies and gentlemen, in today’s edition of sexist assholes abusing freedom of speech on Twitter, let me present to you a man talking about “people’s rights to be in control of their own feelings and bodies” …by asking women to police theirs? Ye kya logic hain bro?

Trigger warning: IQ killing words ahead.

Check out the post here: (Warning! It’s nausea-inducing)

By his logic, dicks are erogenous to women. Does that stop men from whipping it out and taking a piss on the open road?

If you agree with this dude, this is a gentle reminder that it’s time to go back to school and take a class on minding your own fucking business. It’s not a girl’s problem if you can’t keep your dick in your pants. That’s on you.

Women exploit men??? How is it our fault that you think with your penis and not your brain???

Imagine your male ego being so fragile that the most triggering thing in your life is …a pair of breasts.