If we all put in a penny each time a man voiced his ignorant, shallow, and regressive take upon women, we’d be playing in billions. Cos these flag-bearers of patriarchy exist everywhere. Right from the man who gets insecure when you dance in public to the one who thinks he is obligated to dictate how you should live your life.

Today, we have someone ranting about how guys ‘do care’ whether a girl has a flat stomach or not. This guy literally compared a stomach bump to a woman having lost her virginity and how she’s not an ‘ideal mate.’ He said, “that little bump is their uterus showing.” This guy also said pregnant bellies look gross, which is why we wonder why he was even born again.

Twitter user @ask_aubry shared the screenshot, and it has gone viral. People are just confused with his existence.

He boasted about his masculinity with the number of ‘virginities’ he has taken over the years. But it’s so hard to believe that he has ever even been touched by a woman, given he’s nothing more than an incel.

Appalled by his comments, here’s how women reacted.

Either him or one of his teen fanbois.


Lessons for the day:


Somebody unleashed a 13-year-old upon the Internet.

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