People never fail to remind women that equality is a far-fetched idea, and misogyny is deep-rooted. So, we constantly come across ways in which our society chooses to demean women or question them for things that are normalized for men. Yet another Twitter user is proof.

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Someone on Twitter thought it was a good idea to shame a woman for smoking. The user, @cjbhau shared a picture of a woman smoking by the train gate. They also captioned the picture, sharing that they were disgusted and disappointed in these “so-called modern women”. A) The person literally posted someone’s picture without their consent. B) Who asked for their opinion?

Not only the post reeks of misogyny, but also shows how people are so fast to judge other people. And character shaming is our society’s favourite habit, specifically when it’s related to women. I’m not supporting the idea of smoking, but if it’s wrong, it’s wrong because of its impact on health. And habits do not define character. But, such a shame that we’re surrounded with women-hating hypocrites.

Twitter schooled the person, rightly so.

Waiting for the day when people will learn to leave women alone.