We know how men are deprived of equal opportunities and equal pay, at workplaces — they constantly have to give their all and then some, to justify their place anywhere. No? Exactly. 

While we’re hardly close to achieving gender equality, the delusion with which the world lives is impressive. Some even think that the society and our attitudes have changed so much that sexism doesn’t exist anymore.

Women in Technology awards, Australia, recently announced a man (Simon Button) as one of the four finalists. The organization mentioned that they welcome all the people who support their mission to advance women in STEM, and given that, they selected a male finalist. I mean, it literally says ‘women’ in technology, and introducing a male nomination is the exact opposite of the mission statement. 

This is the first time WiT has offered an award that is open to all genders and it reflects how our community attitudes are changing. We welcome the inclusion of our first male finalist and look forward to seeing more male leaders who support women being nominated in the future.


Basically, a man is being acknowledged for acknowledging women. That’s… something. And before anyone thinks that this is a mean-spirited, man-hating agenda, it’s not. No one is against men being acknowledged for their achievements or getting awards. It’s just about women getting their due, at least where they’re literally supposed to — in a community organization that is meant FOR them. 

The internet’s certainly not happy with the nomination.


Just another day of the world being ‘generous’ with women.