Telling a woman how to live her life is society’s way of controlling them. I mean, the thought that a woman can be happy, be independent, choose to live alone, dress the way she wants, and something as simple as dancing at her own wedding is a trigger for some people.  

It’s shameless how something crappy always comes in between our happiness, ugh! 

Case in point: A Twitter user named Professor Sahab thinks that women should stop dancing at their weddings. Why you ask? To inflict misogynist views on women. To enforce his barbaric patriarchy. To show how sadist his thoughts are, and the list goes on. It’s disheartening to see such regressive opinions still exist in 2022.   

The comment section in the video is full of pricks who just cannot stand women having fun. What actually needs to stop is this di*kheads telling the bride what to do. 

What comes as a ray of hope for me is to see people calling out this garbage opinion. It is good to see how people have poured support for the bride and are happy for her. 

This person really needs to get a life! Guess what? Nobody gives a hoot about your opinions.

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