Section 375 of the Indian Penal Act includes all forms of sexual assault involving non-consensual intercourse with a woman as rape. But guess when it comes to terming ‘all forms’ of sexual acts, probably the act missed out on a very crucial one – Marital Rape. 

This video called ‘Please Arrest Me’ takes us through the eyes of a journalist who tries to uncover a sensitive topic like marital rape by pretending to plant himself as the culprit.  


He takes us on his journey of trying to find out the status of criminalizing marital rape by talking to several married women and how they are dealing with it. 

He also met lawyers to know what exactly the law says about when a man is having non-consensual sex with his wife.  

Several faceless married women talked about their plight of how their husband’s are forcing sex upon them. 

And how the institution of marriage does not mean owning a person.  

He even talked to police officials asking them if cases of marital rape are reported to them and why it is still taking place.

His undercover operation just led him to a series of disappointments. The video showed that even the government officials don’t take rape inside a marriage seriously. And even if the spouse comes forward to report it, ‘it is just a personal matter.’ 

India is one of the 36 countries which has still not criminalized marital rape. Even though under the IPC act, rape inside a marriage is amicably ‘rape’ in general,  ‘thousands of men can rape their wife and go unpunished.’

You can watch the entire video here

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