Life struggles come in different forms. From bad relationships to careers, most of us blame these setbacks for our failures. Only a few have the courage to rise and shine.

Like this female IPS officer who is an inspiration in ways more than one.


Married at 14 and mother to two daughters at 18, N Ambika went on to clear the civil services examination and became an IPS officer.


Society may consider her a victim of child marriage but she refused to lead her whole life blaming the system and family. Ambika got married to a police constable at the age of 14.

One fine day, she accompanied her husband to watch the Republic Day Police parade. On seeing her husband salute the officers of higher ranks, Ambika asked him: Why he did so? Who were they?


When her husband told her that one needs to clear the civil services examination to become an IPS officer, Ambika expressed her desire to appear for the exam. For a school-dropout and mother of two, this was far-fetched. 

But nothing could stop her. She passed the 10th through private coaching and later completed her graduation via distance learning. Now, it was time for her to pursue the dream of becoming an IPS officer.


In the absence of any coaching institute in Dindigul, she moved to Chennai and lived in a rented accommodation to prepare for civil services examination. All this while her husband took care of the children.

It was not all sunshine and roses for her. Ambika failed her exams not once but thrice. But she did not lose hope. While her husband wanted her to return after 3 failed attempts, she wanted to try one last time.


This time it was her dream come true. She cleared the exam in 2008 and became an IPS officer. After completing her training, she got her first posting in Maharashtra. 

Today Ambika is the DCP of Zone- 4 in Mumbai and is popularly known as the ‘Lady Singham’ of Mumbai. 


Ambika’s story is an inspiration. An inspiration to break off from societal shackles and embark on the path of success.