If you thought ‘self love’ is just a concept, then let us tell you the story of this woman who got hitched to her own self.

A breakthrough-coach and influencer, Linda, married herself, on Valentine’s Day last year, taking self love from being just a notion to an actual practice. The ceremony was marked by a beach ceremony. 

Narcissus is clapping in heaven, Linda.

This life coach from Gold Coast, got married in a beach ceremony, and read aloud her vows to herself, through a handheld mirror.

Poo (from Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gam, ya remember?), totes, approves.


Following a break-up, Linda decided to give all her love to the person she cared most about – her own self. She heard about the concept of marrying one’s self from her pal Ej, to ’embark upon a journey of healing and reaffirmation’, rather than downloading Tinder while binge-eating another Nutella jar squeaky clean.

Another level for ‘mere saiyaan ji se aaj maine break-up kar liya‘, huh?

Self-love, folks. Take notes. As Linda says, it ain’t a luxury.

Linda explained the concept of self love, saying: 

“I believe that the most important relationship I will ever have is with myself. I know and understand that the quality of the relationship we have with ourselves determines the quality of experiences we have with others.”

She also added,

“Some people have judged me, and I have been laughed at, but I’ve mostly been received with love and an open mind.”

Unlike the unconventional concept of a marriage, of course it’s not like she’s not gonna see other people. But yeah, it’s about prioritising one’s self over and above others.

You know those uncomfortable things that “happened to you”… and the things that you did in the past that you now are ashamed of? They actually happened FOR you. Every turned on the ceiling light in a room full of daylight? You didn’t see any change, right? Different story night time… right? THE LIGHT & THE DARK MUST CONTINUE TO CO-EXIST ☯️ Honour the dark within you. Honour your story. Have a blessed day ✨ Linda x Speaker| Writer | Healer | Intuitive Coach www.lindadoktar.com . . . . #mindsetcoach #healer #lifecoach #picoftheday #entrepreneur #love #light #universe #mindset #life #beach #woman #health #wellness #wisdom #psychology #writer #photooftheday #content #namaste #story #storytelling #storyteller #wholeness #awaken

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Honestly, by this logic, I get married daily. This is legit me in the morning, and clap yo hands if you can relate. Cha Cha


 You do your thang, gurrl. Dancing girl emojis.

And, now she’s officially a ‘global nomad’, with ‘No address – No home – No worries!’

OFFICIALLY A GLOBAL NOMAD 😍❤️🌏 . No address – No home – No worries! . Once upon a time there was a girl who dreamt of living a life of complete freedom. She wanted nothing more than to work and live location-free, so that she could explore more of the bounty this life had to offer. She started building a life that was in alignment with her dreams and vision. . THAT GIRL IS ME ✨🙆🏼✨ . Today I officially transition into a life without a physical address. This means I will no longer have a home that is classified as a ‘normal home’. My home is in my heart and wherever I choose to adventure next. . I have no furniture. I have no fixed home. I have no traditional ‘security’. . But what I do have is plenty of excitement, freedom, certainty, love, happiness, joy, fun and ADVENTURE! . Funny thing is – Many many years ago I used to think that people who didn’t have any furniture or official home, didn’t have their ‘sh1t’ together. I thought they must have been either unstable, unsuccessful, unfortunate or unhappy. . Today I choose to be ‘homeless’ by choice and will confidently say that I am the happiest version of Linda I have ever been in my entire life. I feel a whole new sense of PEACE within me. . SO WHERE TO NEXT? Wherever my heart desires ❤️😉 . I have created a life that allows me to work & play anywhere in the world 🌏 . I keep saying yes to my soul. When will you start saying yes to yours? . Whatever it is that your heart desires… Whatever it is that your soul is calling you to do… . GO DO IT! Go get’em tiger! . I love you! I back you! I believe in you! . Linda x . PS – I have only 1 spot left for Inspire-Impact-Influence. This 5 week 1:1 & group mentorship will teach you how to create a life of passion and purpose, and start serving the people you were born to serve (online & offline). Comment ‘INSPIRE’ for full details & application process. . PPS – My second online 90% automated business is another reason I have the ability to be a global nomad. Comment ‘AUTOMATION’ below and I will be in touch with how this type of automated business can bring a sense of freedom into your life too. PPPS – First stop: Bali ✈️☀️

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From this day on, we are disciples of this woman. All hail, the queen.