Back in 2013, Meerut’s Sanju Rani Verma had to make some really tough choices. dealing with grief of losing her mother, she had to decide whether she wanted to have a career she always desired or get married as her family members were asking her to. 

In her head, it was clear what she was going to do. 

She left home. 

Times of India

Sanju, who was pursuing post graduation from Delhi University at that point, had to quit because of lack of money, but she did not give up on her dream of becoming civil servant.

She rented an apartment in Delhi, started giving tuition classes and kept doing her preparations. 7 years later, she returned home as a PCS officer. 

News 18

In an interview given to the Times of India, she narrated the whole thing.

My mother had passed away just a few days ago and my family started building up pressure to get me married. I tried to explain my point but all in vain. It was then that I decided that they cannot see the things from my perspective and I would rather live by my own because I was not ready to settle for anything less.
Navbharat Times

She further said that she doesn’t understand why families don’t let their daughters study and are obsessed with the idea of marrying them off. 

They (the family) were upset with me because I started living by myself. But I know they will be happy to see me getting the respect as an officer. I am very much aware about my responsibilities and want to support my family in every way possible. But I do not understand the societal pressure… not letting your daughters study and marrying them off.

Her goal now is to become a divisional magistrate and she is preparing for the same. 

It is rather unfortunate that women have to go through these extra hurdles to do things which men are never question about.

So while this is a moment of pride of Sanju, it is also time for reflection for her family members and every other person who thinks that the only job of a woman is to get married.